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The LAUSD HIV/AIDS Prevention Unit has a diverse materials review panel, which meets monthly to review and approve materials for classroom use. The Panel is composed of the teachers, community representatives and experts, students, and parents. The panel is open to everyone that would like to participate and fall into one of our categories for membership. Each member must be available to meet monthly. Members who fail to have consistent attendance will lose formal membership on panel. An application must be submitted to the HIV/AIDS Prevention Unit for formal membership. For questions regarding membership, call Tim Kordic at (213) 241-3519, or e-mail at timothy.kordic@lausd.net.


Decription of Panel:

CDC HIV Program Review Panel Guidelines

Assurance Compliance Form

Material Approval Form



Tim Kordic, HIV/AIDS Prevention Unit

Miguel Martinez, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles (Chair)

Nicole Ressa, Planned Parenthood Los Angeles

Kamaria Grey, Office of Aids Programs and Policies

Aaron Plant, Los Angeles County, STD Control

Tory Yakamaya, Venice High School

Maryjane Puffer, The LA Trust

Nancy Ramos, Positively Speaking

Gail Rolph, Friends of Project 10