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Approved In-House Agencies:


Positively Speaking

Approved Outside Agencies:


Any agency that would like to speak in LAUSD schools regarding sexual health and HIV prevention-education must be approved through the HIV/AIDS Prevention Unit.


Policy for Approval Process:

Criteria for Outside Speakers/Materials Approval

Reference Guide 3432


Policy and Parent Notification:

Comprehensive Sexual Health and HIV Prevention

Education Policy

Bulletin 1132.3

Bulletin 1132.3 Attachment A, California Education Code

Bulletin 1132.3 Attachment B, Parent Notification Template

Bulletin 1132.3 Attachment C, Positively Speaking Notification Template

Bulletin 1132.3 Attachment D, Outside Speaker Notification Template


Approved Outside Agencies:


The SPEAK OUT Model from CAMP KINDLE is provisionally approved (11/2015)


The WESTSIDE FAMILY HEALTH CENTER Model is provisionally approved (4/3/2007)


The Kaiser Permanente models WHAT GOES AROUND, SECRETS, and SOMEONE LIKE ME are provisionally approved (6/2014)


Rape Treatment Center at Santa Monica Model is approved (10/2015)


GLAD Health Programs of the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness' model TEENAGE PREGNANCY PREVENTION (TPP) PROGRAM is approved (August 14, 2009)


Saban Clinic (School Model)


GLIDE (Workshop on Homophobia, Gender Norms and Sexism


Planned Parenthood Los Angeles: Health Model


In-House Programs:


The POSITIVELY SPEAKING program is considered to be a District in-house program, is approved, and is booked through the HIV/AIDS Prevention Unit web site.