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In 1985, the Los Angeles Board of Education approved the development of programs to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. Since 1987, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has provided funds to develop age-appropriate lessons for students, to train teachers in strategies for preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and other diseases that may be transmitted sexually (STDs), and for the prevention of teenage pregnancy.


Project Goals


  • Improve the quality of HIV/AIDS instruction within comprehensive health education courses in the District's secondary schools.

  • Collaborate with community partners on HIVAIDS to build capacity within Los Angeles.

  • Develop and implement a parent education component.

  • Monitor health education programs and health behaviors that put youth at risk FOR HIV infection. There will also be an emphasis on high risk populations, such as our LGBTQ youth.

  • Develop and maintain a Web site that aligns with our scope of work regarding school staff, students, parents, and our community partners.

  • Maintain The HIV Program Review Panel and ensure that materials are approved for classroom use.

A Team Approach


The Los Angeles Unified School District's HIV/AIDS Prevention Unit has a HIV Program Review Panel, which meets regularly to review supplemental materials for health classroom use. The Panel is composed of the teachers, students, parents, and community partners.